Spurs and Aston Villa have been screwed by the Transfer Window

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A well-intentioned rule often reaps positive rewards at first, but it’s not long before those expected to play by that rule begin to find ways to twist and manipulate it for their personal gain. At this point, the rule becomes total bollocks.

This is fast happening with the Premier League transfer window. It’s not so much that clubs, agents or players are breaking the rules left and right but they’ve learned to work the window by playing hard ball, spreading rumours via the media and generally reducing major transfers into a game of chicken as the clock runs down.

It’s hardly healthy for anyone involved and when you take into account the fact that the season starts before clubs are able to complete these highly disruptive and distracting mind games, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Just look at Aston Villa and Spurs as the shenanigans involving their two talismanic players completely cocked up their preparation for the season.

Villa had no idea if they would have their captain while Berbatov is just not bothering to play, thus leaving Juande Ramos 28 million pounds short of talent while the transfer saga drags on.

So while the window probably isn’t going to be scrapped, can we please at least have it end before the season starts? It boggles the mind that the powers that be would allow such institutionalised chaos into their game.


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