Manchester City chase bumbling tub-o-lard for Hughes’ transfer revolution: This HAS to be a joke!

Mark Hughes has been known to take a chance on players before; but I’m sure most would agree that this isn’t one of those times! This certain star used to be great but his star power, as well as his weight, have been going in the wrong direction recently. Surely this isn’t the type of “superstar” the club are after, right?

Man. City is looking for a big international name, for commercial reasons, and there are few bigger in the game than Ronaldo, who is a three-time FIFA World Player of the Year and the top scorer in the history of the World Cup.

The Telegraph claims that Ronaldo has held informal talks over a possible move before the end of this week, but first the Brazilian must prove his fitness, as there are concerns over his weight.

City’s executive chairman Garry Cook appeared to admit an imminent move for Ronaldo when he told the Telegraph:

“I’ve got to change the culture here. Today you can grow quicker than it took Manchester United. We just need a superstar. China and India are gagging for football content to watch and we’re going to tell them that City is their great content. We are a global franchise entity. We told [manager] Mark Hughes not to come here if he thought we didn’t need a superstar.” (Sports Illustrated/Daily Telegraph)

Talk about a complete mess! Ronaldo has been in the papers recently, but it’s been for all the wrong reasons. After getting a glimpse of some photos recently of the now-tubby forward, it’s clear to see that the injuries and weight issues should be more than enough to make Man City flee in terror. And yet here they stand, waiting to see if this once-great forward can ignite a club once again. Let me be the one to say that this has all the makings of a sad, sad ending. The Ronaldo saga ended a long time ago. But do Man City really understand that?

What do Man City supporters think about the club even considering bringing Ronaldo to the club? If they did, how do you think he’d fair?

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