‘£30 million striker wasn’t a failure’ claims Chelsea chief executive

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Peter Kenyon isn’t one to let stats get in the way of the truth. While most of us might consider a return of 22 goals for the princely sum of £30 million a little extravagant, there are others amongst us that are far too sensible to simply associate strikers with scoring goals. After all, there’s the bench to be warmed on a regular basis, while those Carling Cup matches against lower-league opposition need eleven men in a blue shirt to go through the motions.

FOX report that Peter Kenyon is sick and tired of people describing Andriy Shevchenko as a flop, simply because he didn’t perform for Chelsea on the vast majority of occasions that he was given an opportunity. Wearing the deepest shade of blue-tinted spectacles you can imagine, the chief exec claims that the Ukrainian provided a valuable service.

However, Kenyon insists Shevchenko should not be labelled as a failure as he fulfilled his duties at the club.

“I get fed up because it’s not right,” he said.

“I’m not giving a lesson on accountancy, but you do write money off over the term of a contract.

“What we pay is in an investment. During that period you have a player who is doing a job and in this industry you buy and sell players.”

Indeed, we’re amazed that Shevchenko left so quietly and that there weren’t blue-shirted middle-aged lairy geezers trying to serenade him outside the player’s apartment. The simple fact of the matter is that yes, Sheva was a flop and a half at Stamford Bridge but why should Chelsea care when there’s ‘plenty more where that came from’?

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