The scientific explanation behind Liverpool’s luck

A study published in 2005 revealed that red-clad athletes outperformed competitors who wore blue. The boffins suggested that the win discrepancy occurred because of an innate association of red with dominance and assertiveness.

Later, a bunch of boffins at Germany’s University of Munster found that in Tae Kwon Do, referees awarded athletes in red an average of 13 more points than those dressed in other colours.

On the back of this scholarship, you might wonder if there’s a reason why Liverpool FC have been so lucky in recent weeks, despite their horrendous form.

Is it the mysterious power of the colour red, casting a spell over their non-red competitors?

Well, of course they wore their silver-grey away kit at Sunderland on the opening day of the season and scraped a win thanks to a moment of sheer class from El Wonder Kid, Fernando Torres.

But the wins against Boro and Standard Liege have come in red.

And just in case you’re reading, Mr Scolari: What colour do Liverpool, Man U and Arsenal all have in their home kits that you don’t? Yup, the answer’s red.

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