Is this a joke? Manchester City manager wants ‘Brazilian to prove his hunger’: Surely he’s done that already!

Mark Hughes seems to be at odds with Gary Cook, the executive chairman of Manchester City. While the latter wants to raise the profile of the club by bringing in ‘box-office signings’, the Welshman understands the game of football a little better, and is looking to sign players who still have the desire to win things rather than see out their career at Eastlands.

Which brings us on to the subject of Ronaldo, not Cristiano but the original striker who has played for Real Madrid, Inter and Milan throughout an illustrious career. Sadly, his career has all-but come to an end, although that hasn’t stopped the Citizens declaring an interest in the portly South American chap. Quite whether The Sun have been deliberate with their wording of the below is another matter, although City would surely be mad to take a punt on him?

MARK HUGHES has told Ronaldo to prove his hunger if he wants a move to Manchester City.

He said: “The club is looking to make its mark in a wider area.

“Signing a big-name player would possibly help that and would help me.

“But it won’t help the team if you just buy lads at the back end of their career just looking for a final payday.

“They won’t get anywhere near my team if they are not capable of helping it.”

Prove his hunger? Make its mark in a wider area? Both boxes would surely be ticked by Ronaldo, who looks like he’s been on the same diet as Morgan Spurlock, when the American film-maker ate nothing but McDonalds for an entire month. It appears as though Hughes is not keen on landing any Brazilian has-been, whether it’s Ronaldo or Ronaldinho – quite right too!

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