Former Chelsea manager claims he should have left The Bridge sooner: Are Chelsea supporters shocked to hear this?

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Jose Mourinho might be the new manager at Inter, but that hasn’t stopped him from continually talking about his former club in a good or bad light. His most recent comments would surely be categorized in the ‘bad light’ section.

Mourinho said: “If there is a moment in my career where I regret a decision it was clearly the day after the FA Cup Final, when my agent told me ‘Club X’ wants you tomorrow and I told him no, I love it here and I don’t want to go, I want to stay.

“That’s the moment I regret. After that day, after that final, I should (have left) Chelsea and I would have the chance in Wembley to say goodbye to the fans and to say goodbye to English football.

“So that’s a moment I regret because the next season lasted only a couple of months.” (Telegraph)

Could this be the reason behind Chelsea’s sluggish start out of the gates? It would appear so, since the former Special One claims he had his mind on his final goodbye to fans only months before starting the next season.

What do Chelsea supporters think about Mourinho’s recent comments?

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