Liverpool’s American owners drop another bomb on Anfield: They don’t have the funds to finish the stadium!

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Ah, you have to love Liverpool’s American ownership. Aside from being two of the biggest buffoons in the Premier League, Tom Hicks and George Gillett have turned the Anfield club into a laughing stock over the last year by airing the club’s dirty laundry for all to see. Aside from the verbal bouts in public, the ownership has endeared themselves to the supporters by consistently falling short on financial promises; as well as putting the club farther in debt by the day. And don’t forget about that new stadiu…well why don’t we let the Telegraph tell you about that.

Liverpool have said that plans for their new stadium at Stanley Park have been delayed again, this time in part due to the current credit crunch.

The announcement had been expected as the club’s American owners have had trouble raising the £400 million needed for the project.

The club statement said: “Our commitment to building a new world-class LFC stadium is undiminished. Like many other major development projects in the UK and overseas we are affected by global market conditions and as such work on the project will be delayed in the short term.

“We will use this period productively and revisit the plans for the stadium to increase its capacity to 73,000 seats.”

When the Americans took over 18 months ago they immediately redesigned previous plans and had to allow for new planning permission.

However, despite being hit by previous hold-ups, the latest set-up is also thought to have been down to the current credit crunch. (Telegraph)

What shocking news! Who ever saw this coming? After pushing the date on the groundbreaking stadium back numerous times, the ownership have now made it clear that the credit crunch will once again force them to push the date back on the new project. If anything, the delay is just another tick mark under the header of why Tom Hicks and George Gillett are two of the worst owners in football.

What do Liverpool supporters think about the recent news? Will the new stadium ever be completed?

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