‘There was a problem between Chelsea manager and winger’: Truth revealed after player completes Man City move

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An increasing phenomenon in the Premier League is for chairman, owners and other directors to sign players for the team rather than the actual manager. While some clubs have the two parties working in harmony (Arsenal for example), there are many others where the gaffer is given a player that they may or may not have particularly wanted.

This appears to have happened in the case of Shaun Wright-Phillips, who was seemingly foisted on Jose Mourinho three seasons ago by Russian owner Roman Abramovich. The Sun reveal that the Inter boss didn’t particularly rate the winger, which explains why he used him sparingly over the two-and-a-bit seasons he was in charge.

He said: “I know for a fact it was Abramovich who bought Shaun.

“So there was a problem between him and Mourinho from the start. And then Grant came in and he took on the baton and Shaun still didn’t get a look-in.”

Wright said: “How do you think I felt looking at him at the Champions League final and he’s in a suit? So I asked Shaun what he wanted to do and he said ‘I want to go back to City. That’s where I know the people love me’.”

How do you think that Shaun felt, Mr Self-Centred Dad? It’s all ‘me, me, me’ with Wright, who loves the sound of his own voice to the extent that he’s hired by TalkSPORT. He’s taken it upon himself to be his son’s official spokesperson, although this is a rather revealing insight into the bizarre world of Chelsea FC, where the manager is something of a puppet, who’s strings are being pulled by a Russian oligarch.

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