Liverpool star in incredibly FUNNY admission: This is hilarious!

Jamie Carragher has gone up 100% in my estimation. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the guy before for his workmanlike never-say-die attitude but recent excerpts from his autobiography have been truly hilarious and make the Liverpool legend come across in a whole new light!

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When my leg was broken in an horrific tackle by Lucas Neill in September 2003, my mates were ready to hunt him down if I gave the go-ahead.
A few weeks later I received a phone call. “You won’t believe this, Jay. We’re in the Trafford Centre and Lucas Neill is walking straight towards us. What do you reckon?”
Did I really want Neill to take a crack? “There’s only one problem,” added the voice. “Little Davey Thommo is with him.”
That was that. I could hardly let one of my best mates, David Thompson, now a Blackburn player, become a witness to an assault. Besides he’d have recognised the attackers. The impromptu mission was aborted and I sent a text to Thommo telling him Neill should give him a hug of thanks.
As word got back to Blackburn about the near miss, or should that be hit, their coach Terry Darracott, a Scouser, appealed to one of my friends to call the boys off. I agreed. (Daily Mirror)

If the rest of his autobiography is as hilarious and amusing as this snippet, then frankly he should be awarded a Nobel Prize for comedy writing (I know such a thing doesn’t exist, but it should do). Take a bow Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, for having the courage and ability to say it as it is without the need to censor or bore the audience!

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