‘Newcastle are too desperate for success to give managers a fair chance’ claims ex-Magpies coach: Is he right or are the fans to blame too?

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Since Kevin Keegan walked out of St James’ Park for the first time in 1997, Newcastle have had six different managers, not including the messiah’s return earlier this year. While Sir Bobby Robson had a good four years in charge of the Magpies, it’s clear that ‘outsiders’ such as Kenny Dalglish, Ruud Gullit, Graeme Souness and Sam Allardyce have been afforded much less time to get things right at Newcastle.

Many supporters will argue that all of the above were the wrong choice, yet perhaps this is like Manchester United sacking Sir Alex Ferguson when the going was tough and Red Devils fans now stating that the Scot didn’t know what he was doing. It’s clear that managers are not given much time to prove themselves at St James’ Park and a Dean Saunders reckons it’s the club’s desire for instant success which has led to the downfall of so many bosses. Setanta reports that the ex-Magpies coach laments the fact that there has been too much interference from upstairs at the Tyneside club.

“It’s not unlucky, it just keeps happening,” the ex-Wales international told Setanta Sports News. “Sam Allardyce is no mug, Graeme Sounness is no mug, Kenny Dalglish’s no mug, Ruud Gullitt’s no mug, Bobby Robson isn’t a mug.

“They can all manage a football team but you get ups and downs. The club’s so desperate for success that the minute you take a backward step it’s over. Football doesn’t work like that.

“The football business is going mad at the minute. You employ a manager who’s regarded as an expert, who has skill and pay him a high salary.

“But in all walks of life a little knowledge is dangerous. Some of these people think they know more about football than the manager.

“That’s where it all goes pear-shaped.”

Do you agree with Saunders’ sentiments, and have the supporters got to take a fair share of the blame for what’s gone wrong at St James’ Park? After all, they are notoriously difficult to please, demanding that the team plays attractive football and wins some silverware, while ignoring that it’s becoming increasinly difficult to fill the trophy cabinet when rival clubs are spending so much.

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