Spanish ace claims he ‘could never do a Robinho at Manchester City’: Is this the type of loyalty that’s lacking in the sport?

Manchester City’s recent transformation from a mid-level club to a full-blown top four contender has a lot of clubs on their toes. And rightly so. With the addition of the Abu Dhabi group into the mix, the Manchester club now have the funds available to make any player strongly consider their allegiance to their current club.

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Whilst most players would be gone in a flash for an audacious transfer fee, Valencia’s David Villa wants those around him to know that he’s not all about the money. So if Man City come calling for him in January, they better be ready to get brushed aside.

He told AS: ‘I would never do to Valencia what Robinho has done to Madrid, because I’m grateful to the club for everything they have done for me.

‘I don’t want to criticise Robinho because I don’t know his situation, but I wouldn’t have done it.’

Villa also claimed he never had any intention of leaving Valencia despite the list of big names being linked to him. He left the club to deal with the entire transfer saga, and says the fact they chose not to sell him in spite of their financial difficulties showed his worth to his employers. (ESPN Soccernet)

But does anyone really believe him? If Man City came calling with £45m in their hands, do you really believe the Spanish club could say no to that? And does anyone really think Villa would reject the chance to make £120,000 per week? I’d have to say no.

If anything, Man City have turned the footballing world on their heads. Whilst most teams were able to get by with a decent transfer every summer, the Manchester club has turned the transfer window into a game where only the rich will survive.

What do you think about Villa’s comments? Do you really think he’d stay loyal if the money came around?

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