Another day, another outspoken comment from Liverpool defender: You can’t accuse him of holding back!

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You get some footballer autobiographies where any juicy revelations are scant. There might be mention of a practical joke or two, perhaps a training ground bust-up in chapter eight just to spice things up, but that’s generally about it. The same can’t be said of this Liverpool player, who is shooting from the hip as his autobiography continues to be serialised in the Daily Mirror.

Setanta report that Jamie Carragher has now shown his dismay with the lack of footballing knowledge on the board at the moment. Brian Clough was always quick to criticise directors for knowing the square root of jack-all when it came to the game, and Carra is clearly taken aback by one of the club’s co-owners revealing that he’d never heard of Jurgen Klinsmann!

The former England defender said: “What worries me about Hicks saying saying he’d never heard of Klinsmann is this: what happens when we do need to appoint another manager?

“Liverpool fans will shudder at the idea of names being checked on the internet.

“If Kenny was on the board, the owners would be able to ask his advice in the knowledge he has a grasp of what supporters here expect.”

Rafael Benitez will hope that there’s no immediate rush to sign a new manager, although it does raise an interesting point. While the club’s owners can have players recommended to them by the manager (unless you’re West Ham or Newcastle), they have to get advice from elsewhere when it comes to appointing a new gaffer. Do you think Carra is right and Liverpool should get someone with decent footballing knowledge on the board?

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