Liverpool STAR furious with Rafa: Does he have a right to be angry?

This normally mild-mannered Finnish centre back has made it perfectly clear he is not a happy bunny after finding himself missing the cut for the club’s Champions League squad!

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“The manager’s decision to leave me out of the squad is a big disappointment for me. I understand it’s partly because of the UEFA regulations, but despite that, the news came as a surprise to me and a shock too.

“But the club had a ‘perfect’ timing for this: they didn’t want me to move elsewhere, so that’s why I was told the news of having been left out, just after the transfer window had closed.

“The club went public to say there had been offers for me, but turned them down. So perhaps that means I am still part of the plans for this season.

“I don’t know if I would have wanted to move on, had I heard the news about the squad when the window was still open.” (Liverpool Echo)

New homegrown player rulings meant that eight places of the 25 were already decided, but could Sami not make it into the remaining 17 spots? Hyypia is a true professional and you can see how much he loves the club, but these comments clearly show just how shocked he is by Rafa’s decision. Do Liverpool fans feel the veteran stalwart should have got in and if so, in place of who?

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