Tottenham fan speaks a great deal of sense!

Now many will be sick and tired of transfer rumours for the time being, although a great many can’t get enough of them. I would however point out that I only ever report on ACTUAL gossip on the web or tabloids. as opposed to just making it up. Anyway I digress, this source below seems to be on the ball pretty much all the time!

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Now most of us with half an ounce of common sense know we’re not going to get Huntelaar or Villa, no matter how much we offer. A) They want Champions league. B) We’re not going to pay high enough wages. C) The “Big 4” or Man $hitty would out bid us. Podolski may well be a possibility as may be the renewed negotiations for Arshavin but we’ve already got a large group saying “Russians can’t play in English football” and citing Rebrov, Schevchenko and Smertin as examples before poor Pav has even kicked a ball. One guy who posts on here and is famous for his conspiracy theories reckons we’ve only got Pav and after Podolski and Arshavin as we’re lining up a Russian sugar Daddy to take over the club. (

So Spurs fans, what do you think of this article’s sentiments?

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