World’s best player tells Manchester City to ‘make the Champions League and I might join’

I think we’ve established in the past week that the Abu Dhabi United Group are pretty pretty ambitious when it comes to their investment in Manchester City. They may have splashed out £32.5 million on Robinho, yet there are undoubtedly more signings to follow, but will they really manage to entice this Milan maestro to their humble home?

The Sun report that City signing the footballing artist known as Kaka is conditional on at least two things. Firstly, the existing squad has got to elevate the team into the Champions League places by the end of the season, no mean feat for Mark Hughes’ men. And, even if this is achieved, they will only make the shortlist of possible new destinations for the Brazilian, who is said to have had his fill at the Serie A club.

Kaka’s representative Diogo Kotscho said: “Kaka would prefer a club like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Milan but we never know.

“This season Manchester City do not have a team to win the Champions League.

“Maybe next season they can get into that competition – they have the prospects to be good enough.

“What they need to have is a big project to win the Premier League and the Champions League.

“It’s not just about Kaka, they will only get the very best players if they attain this level.”

Sounds like the player is keeping his options right now, although Chelsea will want to avoid a repeat of the Robinho situation, where the player looked for all the world as though he was going to sign, before Manchester City pulled the rug from under them. Will there be another Brazilian superstar arriving at the club next summer?

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