Arsenal star does a Mr T!

A story that falls firmly into the ”you couldn’t make it up” category!

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EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR refused to get on a Togo team plane because he feared it would CRASH!
The flight bound for Zambia left without the Arsenal striker.
He had persuaded his team-mates not to fly a day earlier because there were rumours it would crash.
His one condition for boarding was that the president of the Togo Football Federation should also get on.
Adebayor said: “My life is very dear to me and, if we have to go down, we’ll all go down together with the president.
“There are rumours that, if we get on, the aircraft will go down.” (The Sun)

Not sure of the wisdom of Adebayor’s thinking! If the plane is going to crash, the presence of the president of the Togolese Football Federation is surely unlikely to make a great deal of difference. I mean, if they had the actual President of Togo on board then I would understand! Anyway, may I suggest slipping some sedatives in a glass of milk as that always seemed to do the trick on the A-Team! Talking of that venerable television programme, can someone tell me why in just about every episode the crime-busting group were invariably locked in a barn with every useful tool available for them to build a steel-reinforced vehicle with which they could bust out of said barn?

Shut up fool!

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