Liverpool stalwart Carra lays into Rafa AND American paymasters…

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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher’s biography is out today and, over the last week, certain juicy segments of his tome have oozed into the press.
Today, the Guardian reports that Carra, in his gloriously titled book Carra: My Autobiography – has a pop at Liverpool’s owners as well as Rafa B saying:

“For richer or poorer, we’d sold Liverpool to two ruthless businessmen who saw us as a moneymaking opportunity. They didn’t buy Liverpool as an act of charity; they weren’t intent on throwing away all the millions they’d earned over 50 years … They wanted to buy us because the planned stadium offered a chance to generate tons of cash and increase the value of the club.”

Loading much of their debt on to the club to the tune of £30m in annual interest repayments, despite initial promises to the contrary, triggered the start of their breakdown with the Liverpool support, the 30-year-old added. “Breaking this vow set the first alarm bells ringing, the embarrassing continual changing of the stadium plans was irritating too,” he wrote.

Benítez does not escape criticism in Carragher’s tome with the Spaniard accused of triggering last season’s disharmony by calling for greater and more urgent investment in his squad. “I understood why the owners were unhappy with him too,” he added. “They’d been undermined by Rafa and now they were undermining him.” (Guardian)

To be fair to good ol’ Carra, he doesn’t take sides and lambasts both Liverpool’s Yank fat-cats and their Spanish manager. However, it is worrying when even the players moan about the mercenary gits running the club.

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