Spurs fans look away NOW! You should sit down before you read this!

The Daily Mail can usually be relied upon to produce very pretty shoddy transfer rumours. They can at least be entertaining in their ridiculousness, but this latest attempt at an article is quite frankly the worst thing that publication (and possibly any publication on earth) has produced! You have been warned!

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She may look like an all-American girl, but Britney Spears’ ancestral lineage has been traced back to Tottenham in north London – so there is every chance her family have Spurs in their blood.
Details of her ancestors in the London Metropolitan Archives reveal that her great-grandparents probably ‘lived in sin’ before they got around to getting married.
Parish records show they married at St John’s Church in Tottenham in 1923 – two years after the up-and-coming Spurs team won the FA Cup – but they both gave the same address on the marriage certificate, indicating they were already living together – a scandal at the time. (Daily Mail)

If you are feeling particularly brave, or alternatively a tad suicidal, you can read the rest of this rancid piece by clicking here, but we recommend for your safety to not do so!

You were warned! Personally I can not for the life of me understand what led a national newspaper to print or conceive such a piece, it really beggars belief! What next “Terry Nutkins actually loves Nuts…but not Otters!”!

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