Liverpool owner confirms once again that you can’t buy class: This should make supporters happy!

Toon owner Mike Ashley said recently in an article to the press that he didn’t feel safe brining his family to St. James’ Park any more for fear of potential physical or verbal abuse. Well after Sunday’s bust-up, Liverpool owner Tom Hicks might find himself in the same boat after his second son, Alex, proved once again that you can’t buy class.

A bodyguard for the son of Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks was charged with assault after a bust-up in a Liverpool hotel over the weekend.

Police arrested the minder in the early hours of Sunday morning after a security guard was punched in the face at the Hard Days Night Hotel on North John Street.

Witnesses said alcohol and cutlery were hurled out of an upstairs window to the street below.

A drunken fracas is believed to have revolved around Alex Hicks and his group of friends. (Daily Mail)

Well this is exactly the type of news that will surely endear Hicks and his family even more to the Liverpool faithful. After a recent incident at the Sandon, you’d think Tom Hicks would be a bit more cautious about letting his sons go out on the Merseyside streets at night. Apparently that’s not the case. With Hicks and Gillett currently on Liverpool’s list as public enemies one and two, this is probably the last bit of publicity that they were looking for.

What do Liverpool supporters have to say about the situation? Can it really get any worse at the club when it comes to Hicks’ antics?

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