Who is the ONE BEST player at each club: Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Manchester United, Everton, Newcastle United, Chelsea and co get voting!

This is your chance to become part of history by voting in this super scientific poll! Well, it’s not that scientific, but it’s still fun!

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As football fans we are always quick to point out the merits of our star players but, in an attempt to prove that football fans are not beyond praising players from the opposition, we have decided to run a scientific experiment of sorts. All we want you to do is fill in the cut and paste thingy below with the one player at each club that you think is their best performer. So as to show impartiality there is no need for you to even point out who you support, simply pick the one player at each club then paste the list into the comments below. If you can’t complete the whole list, simply fill in what you can.

Arsenal –
Aston Villa –
Blackburn Rovers –
Bolton Wanderers –
Chelsea –
Everton –
Fulham –
Hull City –
Liverpool –
Manchester City –
Manchester United –
Middlesbrough –
Newcastle United –
Portsmouth –
Stoke City –
Sunderland –
Tottenham –
West Brom –
West Ham –
Wigan Athletic –

Good luck!

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