Even Hughton doesn’t fancy the Newcastle job!

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Beaten last week by Hull, facing a fan revolt and sporting a beer-guzzling owner who just released a wordy essay on why he cannot set foot in St James’ Park ever again – it is surely no surprise that Chris “The Curse” Hughton wants someone, anyone, to take the reins pronto…

Hughton – a figure of mild hate and strong derision at White Hart Lane – has found himself to be the last man standing at Newcastle – but he makes no bones about the fact that a permanent managerial appointment has to happen soon.

“The most important thing is we start to get some stability at the club,” said Hughton. “Of course I would go along with everybody that as soon as a decision is made on who will be the permanent manager it will be for the better.”

Away from the stresses of St James’ this week, Hughton thinks his men might fare better:

“We are getting away from what we had last week,” he said. “Maybe that is a help. We need to halt the slide.”

So, whilst Mike Ashley was spending the week sunning himself in Dubai attempting to hook an Arab billionaire to buy Newcastle, poor Chris Hughton was left in charge of the Geordie ne’er’dowells.

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