Manchester United winger tells Chelsea that he’s tired of being kicked around: He’ll make them pay with goals if they aren’t careful!

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Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo knows what’s coming when he steps on the pitch for the first time in a league match this season against Chelsea. The physical play that is a staple of the Premier League will once again test Ronaldo and his recently healed ankle. But aside from the physical play on the pitch, the United winger wants Chelsea to know that kicking him won’t make a difference. He’s going to make the Stamford Bridge club pay for their rough play this weekend.

Ronaldo has told Chelsea he is prepared for whatever defence they have against him.

“I’ll do my damage as usual by paying them all back with my goals,” said Ronaldo, who won the coveted European Balloon D’or prize after scoring 42 goals last term.

“I know that the attempts to intimidate me on the pitch will start again immediately – but everyone finds sooner or later that it is difficult to make me lose my rag.

“I’ll be booted again but I will not kick out when it happens. I’m tough and, again, it’s all just part of the spectacle.” (Daily Telegraph)

Those are some fighting words coming from a guy who’s just recently coming back from surgery! Maybe C-Ron should learn to keep his mouth shut and just play football. With bulletin board material now floating around in the atmosphere, there’s a pretty good chance someone at Chelsea could use this as fuel in what should be a tightly contested game.

What do Man United supporters think about Ronaldo’s recent comments? Do you think he’ll be enough to help you leave Stamford Bridge with all three points?

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