Wigan captain speaks the truth about Spurs’ recent start: They don’t have a proper player to lead the club!

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Ahead of Saturday’s clash at White Hart Lane, Wigan captain Mario Melchiot has come out and given his two pence on why Spurs have had such a tough start to the season. While the club is currently loaded with fresh talent, Melchiot believes that what’s lacking now is on-field leadership at the club.

“They have a lot of new faces, and some people might say it has been done too quickly,” said Melchiot.

“As an outsider looking at the team, they have a lot of quality and they are just waiting for it to gel.

“They have lost a lot of Premier League experience, players who know the league well, and they have brought in players who have to get used to this league.

“When you are in a team and everything is new – the league, the language, all the foreigners around each other – they are all looking at each other and it can be difficult.

“I experienced it when I arrived in England, and now they (Tottenham) are going through the same thing.” (ESPN Soccernet)

No truer words could be spoken at the moment when it comes to discussing Tottenham. While the club did bring in a haul over the summer, the number of major players that departed (mainly Berbatov and Keane) with leadership experience has Ramos and company scrambling to find some solidarity. For all the high hopes that the club had going into this year, they had to know that throwing a new squad together so quickly was going to be a tall order. Fact is, you can’t expect a club to gel in a couple of weeks.

What do Spurs supporters think about Melchiot’s comments? How long will you give the squad to gel with each other?

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