COS Big Up – September 22, 2008

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The COS Big Up brings you a daily batch of our favourite stories. Avast ye mateys!

Studs Up riffs on Tottenham‘s craptastic early season form. After a summer of bringing in glittering attacking talent, they sit rooted to the bottom of the Premier League – and as Studs Up sees it – there is only one reason why. They are crap, because they are Tottenham.

The Offside takes a few steps back for a more panoramic view of the entire Premier League and brings us a fantastically crafted 10 Things We Learned in the Premier League. Amongst these 10 nuggets are some bad news for Man Utd fans, apparently Edwin Van Der Sar is past it and Dimitar Berbatov was a needless signing.

The Spoiler, brings us on this dreary Monday news of a Ronaldo ruckus. Apparently Ronnie (the original one) started an epic birthday drinking session which ended with the news that “a shirtless Ronaldo was heard to be asking someone if they wanted a fight, and had to be restrained by his hangers on”.

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