Is Damien Comolli the man to blame at Spurs?

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Tottenham are an amazing team. Under the stewardship of Martin Jol they were a lasagne away from gatecrashing the Champions League party. With both Jol and Ramos at the helm they have bought some of the best footballing talent on offer, whilst also snapping up any talented youths that meander by, too. Surely a policy like this couldn’t go belly up…

Well, somehow it has. Somehow Spurs have been able to weld fantastic players with tear-jerkingly dire form. Towards the end of Jol’s reign and now under Ramos Tottenham seem intent on being the country’s finest purveyors of pure distilled under-achievement.

So who’s to blame? Daniel Levy and his suits dropped the blame on Jol’s doorstep, eventually backstabbing him into unemployment, assistant Chris Hughton was even a target of this witch hunt. However, perhaps it is time to focus not on the coaching staff, but to take a look at the director of football.

Damien Comolli – j’accuse.

Of course, as a ‘friend’ of the board, as one of them, Comolli is pretty much bulletproof. He has a CV so good that it glows in the dark, but he is one of the common threads between the Jol and Ramos reigns. A director of football is meant to talk to the manager and find him the players he wants, but at Spurs it was like a drunken game of Chinese whispers – with Comolli taking a lot of poetic license with Jol’s requests.

This weekend Spurs were booed off after a rotten 0-0 draw with Wigan, leaving them with a rancid two-point Premier League total. How long before Ramos folds? For a man who left Sevilla to get more freedom and control, Tottenham
seem an odd choice of destination for the Spaniard. Surely Comolli’s constant twiddling with the transfer nobs is going to drive Ramos over the edge eventually…

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