Arsenal manager THRASHES team after Hull defeat: Do his side lack the KILLER instinct to win the league?

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has never been one to mince words. That was fairly apparent after his recent rant over the weekend in regards to the lack of determination and urgency that seems to be missing at the club.

(Wenger) said: “There were enough ingredients to make me physically sick.

“When we have an opportunity like we had to go top of the league, it is important that from the start to have the right level of concentration.

“We didn’t though, and it is difficult to say if it was down to complacency. But when we got 1-0 up, we let the game go again. And that’s where we are guilty.

“We worked so hard to get ahead and then we let it go again.

“What we delivered was not good enough and we all know that. There will certainly be changes for Tuesday.

“I would say the electric level in our heads was not high enough.” (Daily Telegraph)

Most would agree that Arsenal looked like they were driving on empty for most of the game. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes of the match when the game was falling out of reach that a couple of players seemed to wake up and sense the moment. But something seems to be missing within the club: a killer instinct. Arsenal has always had the knack for hanging with the top four in the league; however, their most recent loss begs the question: does the club have what it takes to make the most of a moment when it counts? Do they have that killer instinct that’s needed to claim the Premier League title?

What do you say Arsenal supporters? Does the club lack a killer instinct when they need it most?

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