Idiot rugby player threatens to beat up Arsenal winger after girlfriend plays away

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It’s tough for us men who aren’t professional footballers. While your girlfriend, fiancee or wife might declare her undying love for you, it’s perfectly possible that she’d still run off with a famous footballer if he came a calling. After all, there are plenty of shallow females whose love of money and fast cars know no bounds. Take Aymee Davison for instance.

Perhaps the name Aymee give it away, she sounds about as Waggish as you can get. The Sun report that the floozy decided to get it on with none other than Samir Nasri recently in Cuba, omitting to mention that she had a fella back home who wants to punch the Frenchman’s lights out. The blonde clearly couldn’t resist the Arsenal man’s Gallic charms, although the winger wants to be careful when leaving his house.

Phil, 19 – who plays for Doncaster Academy rugby union side in Yorkshire – said: “We’d still be together if she hadn’t met Nasri in Cuba. I’m absolutely furious with him and would consider punching his lights out if we met.

“Aymee denied a fling at first but wasn’t the same girl when she came back – she was distant. We ended up having furious phone rows until she admitted she’d slept with him.

“She’s a pretty girl and has obviously had her head turned by a rich footballer.”

Surely Phil is better off without his bit of skirt if she’s going to be smitten the first time a footballer lays eyes on her. Anyway, what self-respecting person goes to a tabloid and makes money out of humiliating himself in the first place? Probably someone who is crap at rugby and needs some more cash to guzzle beer down the local.

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