Arsenal manager fuming mad over recent verbal abuse at Tottenham/Portsmouth match: Have supporters gone too far?

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken out over the recent verbal abuse that was hurled in the directon of ex-Arsenal man, Sol Campbell, over the weekend in the match between Portsmouth and Tottenham. He’s tired of this whole mess!

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called for any abuse – whether racist or otherwise – to be stamped out of the game.

Former Arsenal and Tottenham defender Sol Campbell was subjected to alleged racial and homophobic comments from sections of the travelling Spurs supporters during the game at Portsmouth last Sunday.

Hampshire Police initially said it was not possible to make arrests due to the sheer numbers chanting and would instead report the matter to the Football Association. However, it has since been confirmed the force, as well as officials at Soho Square, will now investigate.

‘My reaction is that abuse cannot be tolerated from anybody towards anybody in the world,’ said the Frenchman.

‘How can you fight against it? You can single out people who do it.

‘You can punish them individually by not letting them in, then maybe single out a group of people who go from game to game and do it.

‘Sometimes stupidity is contagious as well and sometimes in the crowd there is a competition to see who can be more stupid. (

Wenger is correct, stupidity is contagious. If you have been to a match this season, there’s a pretty good chance you heard some words being hurled at players on the pitch that you wouldn’t even feel comfortable repeating to your best mate. The friendly banter is all but gone, and in today’s age where stupidity is rampant, it only takes one idiot yelling something to get those around him to join in. The recent slurs and abuse being hurled at Sol Campbell is unacceptable, but until the FA does something serious about it, the abuse will continue.

What do club supporters think about the verbal abuse being spewed at matches? Is it enough to make you walk out in the middle of the match; or do you just grin and bear it?

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