Everton boss reiterates his faith in the club after UEFA Cup loss: He isn’t going anywhere!

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After crashing out of the UEFA Cup yesterday to Standard Liege, Everton boss David Moyes was once again on the defensive, batting questions away about his future at the club. Even with the links and rumours about possible moves to Newcastle and Tottenham, Moyes made it clear that he’s not going anywhere.

Everton boss David Moyes says he has no intention of walking out on the club after his side’s exit from the UEFA Cup at Standard Liege continued the club’s wretched start to the season.

Moyes has recently been linked with Newcastle and Tottenham, two clubs who are currently enduring a rougher ride than Everton.

The fact the Scot has yet to sign a lucrative new contract has further stirred the gossipmongers who now have more to mull over in the wake of Everton’s exit last night from the UEFA Cup at the first hurdle. (Metro.co.uk)

Whilst it has been a tough start to the season for Everton, the club really hasn’t done much to help Moyes out this year. After failing miserably to land a premier name over the summer, Everton’s brass have found out just how difficult it can be for a mid-level club that doesn’t have the funds to spend freely. If anything this is far from Moyes’ fault. The brunt of the blame should be placed squarely on the owner and his tightfisted ways.

Do Everton supporters believe Moyes is the man for the job? If so, what needs to be done in January to help turn the club around?

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