Chelsea striker ordered to attend football ceremony: He really could care less if he wins the award!

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Chelsea striker Dider Drogba has been open and honest about his lack of appreciation for the African Football of the year award. After not showing for the award last season, Drogba was given an ultimatum just days before the award was handed out: Show or you won’t walk home with the trophy. The Ivory Coast striker decided to snub the award ceremony without flinching.

He again was again given the chance to show this year (why they even put him on the list, I have no idea), and again Drogba made it clear he wasn’t coming. Well instead of letting the whole issue go, the African Football association have taken the ceremony to a whole new level. They’re going to force Drogba to show this year! And, no, that aren’t kidding around.

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has been ordered to attend the African Footballer of the year ceremony. The striker sent his wife there last year. (The Sun)

This is absolutely absurd. If a footballer doesn’t have respect for the award itself, then why in the world would you put him on the list the following year? It has been noted that Drogba has been trying to distance himself from the African football association for some time now; this boycott is just another way of protesting his frustration with the AFA.

Do you think the AFA has the right to force Didier Drogba to attend the ceremony?

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