Former Arsenal player can’t stop smiling at Tottenham’s recent demise: He enjoys watching the craptastic club suffer!

Former Arsenal keeper David Seaman currently has a smile on his face that just won’t go away – and no, the smile isn’t because he still has that porno mustache. The smile comes from watching the chaos over at White Hart Lane!

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Tottenham’s terrible start to the season has not escaped the attention of former Arsenal goalkeeper, David Seaman.

‘At the moment, I’m trying really hard to wipe the smile off my face,’ he told Jeremy Kyle on talkSPORT.

Rekindling the north London enmity of his playing days, Seaman also poured scorn on the language skills of Spurs’ Spanish coach, adding: ‘He needs to learn English.

‘As a player, it is hard because when you hear things through an interpreter, you start to think, is that what he really said?’ (Daily Mail)

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A former Arsenal man slagging off his London rival? Say it ain’t so! This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. To be honest, I’m surprised former Arsenal players haven’t come out in droves to express their pleasure at watching Tottenham fail early on.

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