Chelsea striker pulls a 180 on the his current club: He’d like to play out his contract at Stamford Bridge!

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Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has, and always will be, a puzzle to many. His antics and comments on the pitch recently suggested that this could be his last season at Stamford Bridge; but like many of his comments, they usually carry a bunch of hot air. That’s apparent by his new remarks where he claims that he’d like to finish his contract out at the club!

Didier Drogba has broke the habit of his Chelsea lifetime by insisting for the first time he has no desire to leave Stamford Bridge.

‘This is the club which suits me best. This is the only club where I won all the titles I have now. When I was saying I wanted to leave, even if I went I didn’t know if I would find what I have here. I am not the kind of person who is scared of a new challenge, which is why I was saying that. But I don’t need to move.

‘I would love to go until the end of my contract here, which is two years. It’s because of the relationship I have created with the players and the staff. And now with Felipe Scolari coming in, he is talking to the players. I like the way he is dealing with the players. That is important.’ (Daily Mail)

This probably comes as a shock to most, especially since Drogba was adamant over the summer that he’d welcome a new challenge somewhere else. Word is, is that the striker has become rather fond of Big Phil and his new tactics and coaching style.

What do Chelsea supporters think about Drogba’s comments?

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