Does anyone believe Drogba’s pledge of Chelsea fealty?

It wasn’t too long ago that Chelsea striker Didier Drogba confessed that he wept when he signed for Chelsea, and would be glad to leave the Stamford Bridge club ASAP. These days, Drogba seems to be pretty chuffed with life at Chelsea, in fact he’s now pledged his loyalty to the club!

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The Daily Mail tells us that when Drogs was asked if this season was his first in a Chelsea shirt where he didn’t have the overwhelming urge to demand a transfer, Drogs said:

‘It is, it is. I have changed, of course. And I am really happy I have changed.

‘This is the club which suits me best. This is the only club where I won all the titles I have now. When I was saying I wanted to leave, even if I went I didn’t know if I would find what I have here. I am not the kind of person who is scared of a new challenge, which is why I was saying that. But I don’t need to move.

‘I would love to go until the end of my contract here, which is two years. It’s because of the relationship I have created with the players and the staff. And now with Felipe Scolari coming in, he is talking to the players. I like the way he is dealing with the players. That is important.’ (Daily Mail)

Drogs issued this pledge of loyalty whilst courting press for his new and imaginatively named autobiography Didier Drogba: The Autobiography in which he states:

‘Where I kissed the Chelsea badge after I scored, that gesture was for the fans. I don’t love the jersey. I love the supporters.’


In the age of the football mercenary, football fans seem keen to forgive their idols for previous transgressions as long as they still stay at the club. Witness the forgive and forget attitude to Mr Greasy-hair himself, Cristiano Ronaldo, when he decided to fart around at Old Trafford for another season…

The question is surely not whether the Ivorian striker is a bit of a two faced git (the answer to that is surely a roaring, resounding YES), but how long will this supposed “happiness” last?

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