Eggs & bog rolls greet Manchester United star…

The S*n brings us word that Manchester United star Dimitar Berbatov isn’t winning any popularity polls in his Bulgarian homeland. In fact, so dire are the Andy Garcia lookeylikey’s international performances that Berba and his hapless team-mates got a rancorous welcome at Sofia airport.

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Apparently, when Berbs and his fellow Bulgarian stars landed they were greeted with bog roll (no confirmation yet as to whether it was used bog roll) and eggs (no confirmation yet as to whether the eggs were of the rotten variety).

Bulgarian gaffer Plamen Markov said:

“Berbatov was very far from his real qualities. If somebody doesn’t want to play for Bulgaria he will not be picked.”

And Berba himself muttered this nugget of wisdom:

“I played very poorly.”

With eggs, bog roll, managerial opprobrium, and even a confession of crapness from the man himself, is this the end of Berba’s Bulgarian career? And if so, surely Man Utd fans will be quite happy!!

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