How many beers would it take to make you go to a Bolton game?

The Bolton suits are hoping that the answer to that question is one, as they launch a scheme to try to get more fans to the Reebok Stadium with a ruse of startling simplicity: Give them a free beer.

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The Daily Mail
gleefully reports that Bolton have come up with a plan of Baldrick-like cunning:

The Lancashire club will treat the first 1,000 supporters into their pre-match Fanzone to a free lunchtime drink as well as cut-price food and subsidised beer and cider from
£1.75 ahead of the clash with Paul Ince’s men.

The “Free Beer Plan” takes its place amongst the pantheon of other current Bolton ideas, the “Allowing Fans To Sing Plan” and the “Cut Ticket Prices Plan” – how long before we have the “Give Megson A Charisma Implant Plan”?

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