Liverpool boss calls for a revise of the international schedule: Would it help keep players from getting injured?

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Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez isn’t the only manager dealing with massive injuries prior to his weekend match. But unlike most, those managers don’t have to deal with the loss of their star striker for the next 10-15 days. After venting his frustration yesterday, Benitez came back this time with a level-head and a plan. He’s hoping the footballing world considers his idea to change the international schedule.

“Maybe the answer is for there to be a two-tier qualifying system because there are too many games in the qualifiers for the World Cup and the European Championships which are not competitive but which still place great demands on the players. These fixtures are unnecessary and maybe it would be better if the weaker countries played one another and the best of them went on to play the stronger countries in the qualifiers.” (Times Online)

What do you think about Rafa’s proposal? Would a two-tier system really help keep players from getting injured/worn-out during the season?

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