Everton set to finally find a buyer!!

While a string of football clubs have been bought out by the rich fat cats of this world, Everton have remained unwanted – glumly twiddling their thumbs facing the gruelling task of keeping their heads above water and vainly attempting to compete financially. A lot of these issues could be wiped off the slate, however, as the fantastically named Zabeel Investments have taken a shine to the Mersey giants.

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The S*n
reports that Zabeel Investments had been sniffing around Charlton Athletic – but now they fancy the idea of taking over at Everton a little bit more and have dumped the hapless south Londoners.

The S*n reckons that: “Zabeel have previously shown an interest in buying Liverpool and have been linked to Arsenal, Newcastle, Tottenham and West Ham as well.

“Company chairman Mohammed Al Hashimi and his representatives are willing to wipe out Everton’s £52m debt.

“They would also bankroll the move to a new stadium, with £78m of funding needed.” (The S*n)

If this story is true then Everton fans will be swinging from their new Goodison chandeliers. One of the main impediments to Everton’s success has been their huge debt and seeming inability to match the big boys (or even the ‘medium’ boys) in the transfer market. This will all be wiped out at a stroke with the rich Dubai billionaires, and could even open up the option of a Goodison overhaul – something that was discounted as being too expensive in the past.

Everton fans, are you happy to see the billionaires take over?

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