Pompey boss FURIOUS after coin thrown from the stands hits assistant referee: He claims the coin was for him!

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Saturday’s verbal abuse on Pompey boss Harry Redknapp was taken to a whole new level when a 50 pence piece turned an already tight match into another black eye for Villa supporters.

What was meant to be a celebration of 25 years in football management for Harry Redknapp turned into an angry outburst at the culture of abuse and aggression among English football fans after assistant referee Phil Sharp was felled by a coin hurled from the crowd that Redknapp was convinced was meant for him.

Sharp was left nursing a gash on his forehead after being hit in injury time by what was later confirmed to be 50 pence piece. He was treated and continued running the line until the final whistle.

“The linesmen was left with a very bad cut but I think whoever did it was probably aiming at me,” said a furious Redknapp. “What have I done to deserve to hit by something thrown by a coward and a moron?

“What kind of people believe they can do that? Hopefully they will catch him on the cameras and ban him for life. I feel sorry for the linesman and I feel sorry for football.” (Telegraph)

Lobbing verbal barbs at the opposing coach is one thing, but throwing things at the those on the pitch is completely another. There is no room for such idiotic acts at football matches. Teams have been tightening security and banning fans for their homophobic and racist chants; now it appears they’ll have to do something about the missiles coming from the stands.

What do you think about the situation? Should Villa supporters be reprimanded?

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