Tottenham players complain to manager over their food: They’re sick and tired of this diet plan!

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All that talk about unrest not existing in the Tottenham locker room appear to be a lie. Why else would players be complaining to the coach? Mind you they aren’t complaining to Juande about playing time; nope, they want to know when they’ll be able to eat some REAL food!

Angry Tottenham players have complained to boss Juande Ramos they are too hungry to perform after being ordered to follow strict dietary rules. (Sun)

So the diet has finally hit the fan! I was wondering when the squad would threaten mutiny over their dietary regimen. Going without a good pint and a pie can only last for so long. These players are human, Juande! Let them enjoy the greasy food once in a while for godsakes! It obviously isn’t helping the team at the moment.

What do Tottenham supporters think about the diet?

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