Sir Bobby Robson claims that there’s only ONE man that can bring Newcastle back to respectability: He would be a PERFECT fit!

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Sir Bobby Robson believes that there’s only one man out there that can bring Newcastle back from the depths of despair. I’m sure most would agree that this former player would be a great fit!

“Alan (Shearer) might not have any experience, but he knows what the club is all about, he knows the supporters, he knows how they feel and he’d be dedicated to it,” Robson told The Sun.

“Alan will make a good manager. He has got clout. He had that in the dressing room as a player, he loved the club. He wanted training and everything around the club right.

“The one thing he hasn’t got is experience and to run a club like Newcastle you’d need an experienced man.

“So if Alan came in, he’d need someone else to coach for him or be a good liaison with him.

“What Newcastle need is a top manager and without that they won’t succeed.” (ESPNSoccernet)

I’m sure most Newcastle supporters would tend to agree that Shearer or Keegan would be the proper man for the job. Shearer has been sniffing around the club for some time, practically begging to help out. Why Newcastle have been so reluctant to oblige is a shock to many. This is the chance for Newcastle to right the wrong.

What do Newcastle supporters think? Would Shearer make a good manager?

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