Top TEN highest paid Footballers: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and a former Arsenal legend make the list!

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Yes it’s the credit crunch but that doesn’t appear to have filtered into the world of football as yet, unless your a West Ham fan that is! Take a look at this top ten and see if you think they are worth the megabucks deals!

Number Nine

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard (US $17.1 million) comes ninth in the list. This Englishman has been a cementing influence for the team amidst the turmoil over takeover of the club by the American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. (

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So do any of these players deserve their obscene wage packet in this day and age? What can be done to stop the soaring wage demands of top tier players? Or do you think that like other entertainers they deserve every penny they make?

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