David Ginola wants to manage Tottenham: inspired choice or sentimental blunder?

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Goodness me, anybody might have thought that Juande Ramos had decided to call it a day after the Stoke match, failing to get on the team coach heading south and instead going on a 7-hour bender culminating in a kebab on the high streets of Hanley. Instead the Spaniard remains very much in charge of Tottenham, although the media are now starting to quiz the world and his wife (the latter of which is reported to be keen) about who should be his replacement.

Setanta are delving through their list of ‘footballers who used to play for Spurs’, because they think that many of their viewers are so stupid as to link them with the vacant manager’s position, simply because they turned out for Tottenham a few times. David Ginola is about as unlikely an appointment as it gets (next you’ll be telling me Keegan’s going back to Newcastle!), yet the Frenchman seems keen as mustard to be involved.

He told Setanta Sports News: “I would do the job if they asked me. I know the club very well, inside out. I know everyone there and I have always been very close to them.

“We are all fighting for the same goal, and working for the same thing, which is to make the club successful.

“Tottenham have not been successful and they are desperate to win games. When I joined they said we were a flare club who play good football, but it seems now the players who can do that, they are sold.

“So I can understand the criticism of Daniel Levy, because he, as the director of the club, is responsible for many things, including the fans and what they want.

“The passion is there in me, so I would say the same thing tomorrow. I would offer my services to the club.”

So David, if you’re all fighting for the same goal, surely you should have faith in Mr Ramos to turn things around, rather than cause more disruption by offering your services as manager! There is more chance of Shola Ameobi scor….hang on, there’s more chance of Alan Shearer taking the poisoned chalice that is the Newcastle gaffer’s position than Ginola becoming manager of Tottenham.

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