Spurs management duo set for sacking? Not who you might think.

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It’s panic time at Tottenham. Serious, serious, panic time. They’re at that interesting crossroads where you question whether stability or change is the way to move forward, with plenty of reasons to go with either.

If there is a change to be made to save the season, one would assume it would be the manager.

But the rumours in the rags and tabloids these days seem to change on a daily basis (surprise, surprise) and the latest is that, while Juande Ramos is safe, both Damien Comolli (fair enough) and Gus Poyet (whaa?) could be out on their arse.

F365 reports,

Levy flew out to the United States last night but his return next week is set to herald an end to Comolli’s association with the club. ‘Tottenham have become increasingly unimpressed by the efforts of Comolli, who is in charge of scouting and negotiating transfers,’ reports The Sun.

The Independent also reports that Gus Poyet’s position is in jeopardy. The newspaper depicts the Uruguayan as little more than a translator to Ramos, who, because Ramos’ command of English is belatedly improving, ‘is required to do less than when the Spaniard arrived’. The former Tottenham midfiilder who is said to be ‘peripheral presence around the training ground and not responsible for coaching the players’.

Considering Ramos is seen regularly talking to Gus on the sidelines, it’s unlikely that the Uruguayan can be as useless as the story is making out. But while DC seems to be getting it in the neck, it seems that the responsibility for agreeing to sell Berbatov on the final transfer day with no time to line up a replacement (something many clubs refuse to do with their stars) would fall on the board and chairman, who usually are the final say on sanctioning such a move.

Are Poyet and DC the problem? Is it Ramos? Or is Levy doing his best to cover the real culprit (erm, himself)?

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