Celtic manager says Manchester United striker is ‘unplayable’: I’m sure most of the Premier League would agree!

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Ever since Wayne Rooney came back from his recent injury, there seems to be a new skip in his step that many are noticing. Celtic manager Gordon Strachan can be counted amongst the many that now find Wayne Rooney unplayable. There isn’t a better compliment in football than this one!

Celtic held their in the early stages before United, inspired by the irrepressible Rooney and the improving Dimitar Berbatov, took control.

“Rooney is unplayable – we tried everything, but he turns this way and does that,” Strachan said. “When you see players like that you just have to hold your hands up and say, ‘I’ve seen a world-class player.'” (Telegraph)

That’s high praise from a manager that doesn’t give out compliments lightly. But Strachan’s right. Whilst Wayne might not have a set place on the field, he’s shown everyone around him that you can literally put him anywhere on the pitch and he’ll find a way to succeed.

Do Manchester United supporters agree?

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