ShareLiverpoolFC or an Abu Dhabi Money Machine: Which group would you rather have running Liverpool?

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This is a touchy subject for most Liverpool supporters, but to be honest, the issue has to be discussed.

Most Liverpool supporters have to be ecstatic with the recent news that Hicks and Gillett could be gearing-up for a potential sale. While that’s all fine and good, the real problem now remaining for the Anfield faithful is the discussion of who should be the next caretaker at the club. Abu Dhabi had been sniffing around the club, but for all intents and purposes, they pulled their name out of the running when Livepool’s ownership balked at a sale. While the money would be fantastic, word on the street says that while the group would bring the funds, they would be treating the club like a business. That would mean a quick sale after 5 years or so could be in the cards. The club isn’t looking for a quick fix.

Then there’s the option of a share group. Rogan Taylor, the head of the ShareLiverpoolFC group is spearheading a move that would allow the club the opportunity to return to supporter hands. Whilst the idea sounds sexy at first, the logistics and funds involved could make this whole idea a bit tricky.

So we want to know what Liverpool supporters think. In a perfect world where the ShareLiverpoolFC idea worked and the Abu Dhabi group had the funds, we want to know which one you’d prefer for the future of the club if you had a choice?

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