Spurs star thinks its difficult to assess his performance: can you help him?

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It’s a tough time for any Tottenham player being interviewed. Inevitably you will be asked about the club’s current plight, and also your own performance. Everyone knows the answer (“s**t” and “s**t”) but you’ve got to say it anyway and try to make it interesting.

Step up, Luka Modric,

“The next league game against Bolton could be the turning point in our season if we win because things will look so much better.

“We believe in ourselves and know we can win games because we have enough quality to do so, even though we haven’t shown it yet.

“It’s difficult to assess my own performances at the moment. I know I can play better, but I think we all can.

“It’s not about individuals. If we play better as a team, then we can expect better days and better results.”

Now, Luka has shown flashes, really brief flashes, of why Spurs paid the money they did for him. At times he looks like the only man with eyes in a team full of blind men, playing smart through balls or one-twos to a player who has already turned around and started thinking about what he’s going to have for supper.

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