Please leave this Spurs boss to do his job Mr Levy!

Apparently an overnight revolution has occurred at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Juande is jetting back to Spain (to take over at Athletico Madrid if reports are accurate) and is replaced by Harry Redknapp. A good appointment, the correct decision and one as a Spurs fan that genuinely delights me.

And it gets even better, Comolli has also packed his bags and in an open letter to the fans Mr Daniel Levy has accepted that a Sporting Director role is no longer required, did not work and its actually the manager that should manage team affairs. Well I never!

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about Mr Levy – Who do you think you are kidding Mr Levy? – that actually put the blame for the current situation at Spurs firmly at his feet. And everything that has happened overnight does not change that. However I do feel that the new simplified management structure will actually help to ease fans derision.

Mr Levy has now qualified these decisions with an open letter to fans on the clubs website. There are two highlights for me. The first is the following statement; “the issue for us was that we were not as decisive or as successful in identifying or replacing the two strikers (Berbatov & Keane) as we should have been”. Berbatov first raised a wish to join Manchester United in August 2007 and we subsequently sold Jermaine Defoe. Indecision was not the issue – incompetence is probably a more accurate reflection. We should have had replacements lined up and secured.

The second is where Mr Levy also stated “we have achieved so much in the last 7 years including 3 qualifications for Europe, a Carling Cup win and planning permission for a new training ground”. I must have missed something then because if that is a resume of success I want your job! Perhaps however it is a resigned reality that our clubs definition of success is not its fans . . .

We are where we are because of you Daniel Levy. I accept that overnight you have started to correct your inappropriate club structure and brought in a manager who I believe has the experience, ability and football know how to get Tottenham back on the right path. But remember as you stated in the open letter your expertise is to “run a club on a sound commercial basis making a profit” – for this I am sure we all thank you. Harry Redknapp however is the football manager and the person moving forwards that will define who comes and goes and how we play. My message to you therefore is for once let the manager manage – it works at all the Top 4 clubs – let it work for Spurs. This for me is your most astute move and needs to be as for me this is your final chance.

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