‘Brilliant to have English manager’ claims Tottenham player: The relief at Ramos’ exit is audible

Whilst a football manager remains in charge, it’s very difficult (or foolish at least) for a player to criticise their regime in public. In doing so, you run the risk of being dropped, fined, sold or even sacked, so it’s best just to remain tight-lipped and pretend as though everything’s fine and state that you all need to pull together and get out of this mess.

However, what’s often telling is that when said manager actually leaves the club, how many members of the squad come out and heap praise on the new manager, along with the type of comments that they make. The Daily Telegraph reports that Tottenham club captain Ledley King is positively delighted that Harry Redknapp has become manager of Spurs, and he doesn’t seem too disappointed that Juande Ramos has left either.

“It is brilliant to have an English manager – it has been a while and I am looking forward to the relationship,” the centre-back said.

“Harry spoke to us for the first time on the morning of the game, and he gave us confidence. He said we had brilliant players in the team, and that he believed we could get out of this situation.

“It looked like a weight had been lifted off the players’ shoulders. They played with freedom, and it was more like the old Tottenham.”

When Jose Mourinho left Chelsea, there was talk of a player revolt, and Didier Drogba went public with his threats to quit. In the case of Ramos, it appears as though nobody has shed a tear that the Spaniard has left White Hart Lane after just a year at the club. Do any Tottenham fans think that the ex-Sevilla manager should have been given more time, or was he on a hiding to nothing? And where did it all go wrong after winning the Carling Cup last season?

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