Manchester United ACE claims Sir Alex ‘was the main factor for keeping me here’: Does anyone really believe him?

There’s no doubt about it, Crisitano Ronaldo’s summer transfer saga was the stuff of legends. Never before have we seen a player take over the media and a simple transfer saga into a full-blown television drama. Tantrums and pouting were the norm during the entire saga. But if there’s one thing that sticks out more than anyting else during the Ronaldo to Real Madrid link, it would be C-Ron keeping his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, out in the cold during practice at Euro 2008. He wanted nothing to do with Ferguson at the time.

My how things change! He’s now claiming Ferguson was the only reason he stayed at Manchester United!

The 23-year-old striker yearned for a move to Real Madrid during the summer but United stood firm against the Spanish club’s interest and refused to sell him and, although his subsequent behaviour has been interpreted as sulking, he says he is happy playing under Ferguson.

“Sir Alex has been the big inspiration to me,” he said. “I am here because of him. When he saw me playing for Sporting Lisbon against Manchester United he believed in me enough to buy me. I’ve learned many things from him and I’m continuing to learn. He is a great manager.

“Of course Sir Alex was the main factor for keeping me here but what happened in the summer is finished. My head is focused on the club. (Guardian)

Who knows what to believe when it comes to Ronaldo. He really does have a great understanding of how the press work. He plays multiple outlets off each other, and then throw out a completely different story the next day.

Does anyone really believe he stayed at United for Ferguson? Do you think he would have bolted for Madrid if United had given him the chance?

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