Newcastle manager pleads with supporters to get behind Barton: Will you be cheering him on when he takes the pitch?

Joe Kinnear know Newcastle supporters have every right to be frustrated with Joey Barton. His recent antics have been a black eye on the club, and for the most part, a black eye on his once promising career. But like a good manager, Kinnear is hoping the supporters take pity on Joey and give him another chance!

‘My message to the fans would be to get behind him. Think what they will be like if he scores after five minutes considering the position we’re in. Supporters want to see players who are totally committed and he is. As long as they see that, they are prepared to forgive and forget.

‘What I say to Joey is the only way he can win over these people is to show what he can do on the pitch – just get on with it and let them make their own assessment. (Daily Mail)

Another chance? Right, because Newcastle supporters haven’t given him enough already! In my opinion, Barton doesn’t need their support. He has to earn it back like the rest. The world of football is filled with punks like Barton who do wrong and then come crawling back for another chance. Instead of giving support freely, Newcastle supporters should make Barton earn their praise.

Do Newcastle supporters agree?

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